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Grovesnor Place Grovesnor Place
Grovesnor Place Whincop. mocca cream staircase
cantilever staircase cantilever staircase french limestone
Stone cantilever staircase Staircase and Balastrade
Elliptical stone staircase Cantilever Staircase at Victoria Road
Elliptical stone staircase Stone staircase
Elliptical stone staircase Elliptical stone staircase
Elliptical stone staircase Cantilever Stairs Orchard Gallery
stone staircase portland stone staircase
Moleanos stone staircase Mocca cream stone staircase

Cantilever stone staircases, designed and created by The Stone Staircase Company.

A firm favourite of Georgian architects, the Italian cantilever stone staircase has seen a resurgence in popularity and, over the last few years, we have been refining ancient techniques, combining the craftsman’s innate skill with modern methods to produce some beautiful cantilever stairs for new build and refurbishment projects.

The simple design allows these elegant constructions to fit any space or shape of stairwell – elliptical, circular or rectangular.

We offer a truly bespoke service and can advise on design and materials: choose from a vast range of stone including Portland stone, Clipsham stone, Cadeby stone, or any French limestone, Anstrude, Massangis stone, Combe Brune or Crema Marfil, mocha cream or crème, as well as an almost infinite range of astragals, nosings and finishes.

Whichever material you choose, your catilever staircase is meticulously crafted in our workshop, step by step: after completing an on-site survey, we use a computer to create an accurate template. The stone is then shaped by hand, ensuring a flawless interface with the existing landing, floor or balustrade.

We have fitted a large number of stone cantilever staircases throughout the world, and have gained considerable experience in this area both on-site and through observation of antique stone staircases: by identifying weaknesses in their design, we can ensure that your staircase will be robust as well as elegant.

We are working constantly throughout England.

"" A recent project was based in Oslo, Norway, where we created a large, eliptical cantilever stone staircase with 22 steps in Botticino marble. Click on the image gallery to the right to see pictures of this project . Read more about the Botticino marble cantilever staircase >>

If you would like to visit one of our projects, please get in touch.

Our Portland or natural stone cantilever staircases with their wide range of soffits, from smooth to crisp Inigo Jones ogee design, will enhance any entrance hall, or corridor.

Call The Stone Staircase Company today on 01733 253 152 for more information.


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Our latest cantilever stone staircases include:

A 2-flight cantilever spiral staircase built at Lennox garden, London Knighstbridge. This is a Portland stone stairway with Jordan Base bed.

A single-flight cantilever stone staircase at Quaker Orchard, Surrey. This was built in French Limestone and Combrune stone.

A spiral stone staircase installed in Oslo, Norway.

Addisson Road, London. Portland stone steps. Complete curved staircase. Holland Park. Portland flooring to match. Jordan based bed. It was named the Origami.

Bedford Square, London. Moleanos stone staircase. Cantilevered from brick wall. Retroffing in a Georgian  townhouse. Spiral staircase. Originally in reconstituted stone but the natural stone was a quicker way. Cast stone is not always the best choice.

Glass House, Hampstead. Stone staircase in Mocca cream. Ideal for basement staircase, this has just one supporting wall. A Cantilever stone staircase, it was named the Escher.

Lennox Garden, Knightbridge. Stone staircases in Portland Limestone. Ideal for leading to cellars or basement. Working along on a metal plate. Ideal for concrete wall with water proofing. This is a floating stone staircase. It could be constrcted in Anstrude, Massangis or Combe Brune limestone, indeed any Rocamat limestone. It was called the Ron.

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